Does Anyone Still Blog?

My last blog post was about one year ago.  And before that post, I was barely able to add a post or two to this blog every few months.  Why?  It’s because I have spent the last four years of my life working, taking doctoral classes, and writing my doctoral dissertation.  I defended it last Friday, and I am now DONE with college forever!

So, I have been away from the edu-blogosphere for a long time – having been in school for the last four years.  I have not had the time to pay much attention to the world of blogging.

Now that Twitter is all the rage (along with lots of other social media sites) does anyone actually write blog posts anymore?  Am I still living in 2009?  Have those in my PLN stopped writing thought-provoking posts in favor of 140 characters and a cute Twitpic?

Back in the day, when lots of educators were blogging, I kept track of all the new posts via RSS feeds.  Do people still do that?  If so, what site are people using for this?  I feel like a 21st century Rip Van Winkle after waking up and re-visiting my blog.

So, what is going on out there?


4 thoughts on “Does Anyone Still Blog?

  1. I still write daily. But it’s usually about my tai chi practice rather than school. I don’t have any deep insights these days in that real: it’s all small stuff that moves kids forward in short steps and me forward in shorter steps.

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