Back on the Blog!

Happy 2013 to anyone who may be reading this post!

Well, it has been quite some time since I posted anything on my blog.  I have spent the last two and a half years taking two classes per semester as I have been working toward my Ed.D.  I am now finished with all of the classes and am officially an  “ABD!”

I now am going to try to get back into posting about life as an elementary school principal and father of two teenage girls – one in college and one in high school (oy).  I also will be looking for ideas and assistance regarding my dissertation topic for which I am just about finished with chapter 1.

For my dissertation, I am combining two passions – 1.  Hiring and retaining the very best new teachers and 2. The use of instructional technology in classrooms.  I am looking for new teacher induction programs in place in school districts which are also strong in the area of instructional technology.  What kinds of PD are these districts providing to their new teachers in order to get their new teachers up and running on the first day of school and throughout the entire school year?

Any ideas or resources on the following would be wonderful:

1. Examples of high quality new teacher induction programs and rubrics to evaluate them

2. Rubrics to evaluate effective instruction technology plans in schools

3. Names of elementary (K-8) school districts considered exemplary in the area of instructional technology.

Thanks, and have a great new year!



2 thoughts on “Back on the Blog!

  1. Congratulations on the coursework and welcome back to the blogging world! I am halfway through my Ed.D. coursework myself, so I can appreciate how time-consuming it is.

  2. Damian, Thanks for the comment! Good luck with your program. Don’t get discouraged. I found that breaking the work into smaller tasks made it more tolerable. It’s all good!

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