Driver’s Ed or Dad’s Ed?

A few days ago, blogger Michael Smith wrote a post about the strange behaviors of his pre-teen daughter (aka the Evil Spawn).  Well, Mike, I can relate to your experiences, but I gotta tell ya… You aint seen nothin’ yet!

With a 16 year old and 13 year old (both girls) I am up to my eyeballs  in the “teenage drama years.”

Yesterday, I took my daughter to get her driver’s license.  OMG what an experience that was.  Off she went with some crabby old guy (and by old, I mean at least 60) to drive around an unfamiliar neighborhood.  She looked like a lamb to the slaughter… she was so nervous.  But, I was equally scared as I watched her follow him like a lost puppy out to the parking lot where my car was parked.  (Note: my car, not my wife’s car.)

So I sat and waited, texting my wife throughout that long, terrifying wait.  As other 16 year olds came back from their road tests with giant, happy smiles on their pimply faces, I sat, waited, and worried.  These kids had left and returned after my own kid left.  What was going on?  Did she crash?  Is she redoing the 3-point turn over and over again until she gets it right?

One thing I do know is that she is not parallel parking.  Today’s suburban teenagers are not taught that time-honored skill.  Nobody parallel parks in the suburbs, and how often do they drive into the city?  (Never with my car!!)  BTW – I am an awesome parallel parker.

Well, she finally returned from the road test with her own smiling face.  Phew…  We sat for the picture and then she received her license.

An hour later, I totally freaked out when she left for her first solo drive.  Then, it occurred to me that we now have our own little errand girl. “Hey, please go pick up your sister at camp… go drop off the  books at the library… go drop this bag off at your grandma’s house.”
Pretty cool!


One thought on “Driver’s Ed or Dad’s Ed?

  1. This is a terrifying experience and yet you worry about them the worries are replaced by the convenience of their independence. Until they leave for college, and then you worry.

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