Maybe She’s Got It

Got what, you ask?  Maybe my daughter, Gillian, really has gotten the “Web 2.0” bug.  By that, I mean maybe she truly has discovered the power and the joy of publishing her thoughts for the “entire world” to read.  Isn’t that the idea behind blogging and social networking tools?

After her dream of starting a Facebook was shut down (albeit temporarily), she resorted back to her blog which I had set up for her a while back.  Without any prompting from me (really, I did not even mention that she should blog), the kid started posting on her blog.

Why?  Well I hope it’s because she has discovered the need to tell people what she is thinking (she certainly tells us what she is thinking!).  That is where the blog comes in to play.  I have noticed that she starts almost every new post with “Hi everyone.”  This makes me laugh because nobody but her mom and I know about the blog (maybe a friend or two, but they don’t know hot to get there.).  Yet, she appears to understand that with the power of the internet, “everybody” could read her blog.

And what was her last post about?  Gillian is giving advice about how to be successful in life.  This topic came from an assembly she saw at school which obviously made her do some deep thinking (enough to write about it, anyway).  Too bad her teachers don’t have a clue about her blog, because they would be happy to see that the speakers they brought to the school made a positive impact on at least one student.



3 thoughts on “Maybe She’s Got It

  1. Yes, it sounds like she’s got it, and what she has is something pretty significant. She has got a vehicle for self-expression that is not limited to any set number of characters. She has got a vehicle which allows her to communicate with the whole world, and therefore her purpose for writing gets ratcheted up to a whole new level.

    This wonderful world of Web 2.0 offers us a number of ways to communicate with our audience. Of all that is open to us, I firmly believe the blog is at the center.

    I hope that when Gilliam does get that Facebook page that she will continue her blog and that it will have found an audience. Perhaps many of those Facebook status updates will point her friends to a fresh post on her blog.

  2. Jason, I would love for her to email her teachers, but I do not think she would be comfortable doing that. She is kinda shy that way. Plus, blogging is not what the “kids are doing” these days (unfortunately). She may not want to stand out in a crowd. Of course, if the school district she attends would use blogging in the classrooms, then it may be a different story for her and others! Unfortunately, I do not see any web presence at all coming from the school (Just a little editorial comment on my part…).

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