Final Decision on FB

Thanks to all of those who voted in my little survey regarding Facebook.  As of today, the results are:

Yes give the kid a Facebook page = 4 votes (17%)

No, Make her wait until she turns 13 = 20 votes (83%).

Well, I agree with the “No” voters.  The more important message here is to follow the rules and not lie about one’s age, so my daughter will have to wait until April 28 when she officially turns 13.

I have had fun watching her watch the poll results each night, and after a few days, she realized that the “No” votes were going to win.  Although, from the beginning I was leaning toward making her wait until 13, this blog post has helped her see that most people agree with me, and it took the edge off my decision.

I do want to mention that when the “big day” arrives, I still will require that she give me her password.  I want the ability to check her FB page any time I want.  I think this is important for all parents to do when their children are using social networking sites.

The irony is that once she gets the FB page and uses it for a while, I bet the novelty will wear off and she will not use it nearly as much as she thinks.

I appreciate all of the wonderful comments.  This has been fun!


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