Why Blog? Read Kim Moritz

Kimberly Moritz is one of my favorite Edu-bloggers.  She first started blogging when she was a principal (G-Town Talks), and now she is a blogging superintendent (Kimberly Moritz Blog Posts).  I respect Kim’s perspective because she tells it like it is.  Kim uses her blog to share what is going on in her district, and she also uses this forum to provoke people.   She wants people to write comments, no matter if they agree with her or not.  This is what I believe is the best purpose for a school administrator’s blog.

As Kim writes in a recent post,

“Blogging is one way to get your word out, answer questions, influence thinking. I guess I look at it this way, we can either tell people what’s really happening in our districts or they’ll piece together the random information they do receive and draw their own conclusions. Which do you prefer?”

Kim is currently writing a series of posts on why school administrators should blog.  I think this should be required reading for anyone interested in using blogs as a medium for communication.


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