1:1 Computing and My Professional Goals

Most principals are required to write yearly professional goals with explicit action plans to outline how they will meet their goals.  I, too, have been asked to develop action plans that I will be working on all school year. Last week I held a lengthy discussion with my superintendent regarding these plans, and she has approved my work for the year.  The purpose she has set forth for all of the administrators in the district is for us to take three different topics and delve deeply into them.  She expects us to become experts in the areas we have chosen.

I am stepping out on a limb with this post and future posts because I will be posting about one of my professional goals for this school year.  Why is this a risk for me?  Because my professional goals have always been personal, and I have only shared them with my superintendent.  I have never shared my goals publicly, and I certainly have never journaled publicly about my progress in meeting my goals.

So, for one of these goals, I will be documenting my learning, my successes, and my failures throughout the year.  We have been asked to journal our progress, and I am choosing to complete my journal here on my blog.  This may be of no interest to anyone who reads this blog, but by publishing here I feel as if I am committing to doing my very best job.  Similarly I believe that when children publish for a larger audience on the web, they are more motivated to do their best work.

My goal and action plan is to learn how to use netbooks with students in classrooms in a 1:1 setting.  We have purchased three netbook carts with 25 machines in each cart, and we have added a wireless network to the school, so the hardware is in place.  Now I need to learn how to effectively use the mini-computers in classrooms where each child his own machine at his fingertips.

I actually started writing about this in the previous post.  As I search and read articles and blogs on this topic, I will share my thoughts in this forum.  As I talk with teachers about the use of the netbooks with their classes, I will share my thoughts. And as I work with students in the classrooms, I will share my thoughts here.

When the time comes for me to share my progress with the superintendent, I will share all of the posts I have written instead of turning in a report.  It seems obvious to me that if I am learning about technology, I should use technology to report my progress.

So, I will be tapping into my PLN in the blogosphere, on Twitter, on the Ning sites that I belong to, and on delicious.com to find as much as I can on the use of 1:1 computing with students in the upper elementary grades.  I hope that others will join me in the conversations.


2 thoughts on “1:1 Computing and My Professional Goals

  1. Good luck with your 1:1 goals! We moved to 1:1 earlier in the year. There has been one tool that really made a difference in my classroom. I wanted the school to buy a class set of clickers, but we couldn’t afford them, so one of our teachers suggested virtual clickers – software that does the same thing and it would go one the netbooks.

    I was amazed at how quickly the students took to it. Classroom discussions have realy opened up as a result. The program is student response network. It was easy to setup and I can thoroughly recommend it. A couple of other schools in our district have just picked it up following our work with it. Very inexpensive too.

    The other tool we found very effective is Microsoft One Note that came with our Office 2007 licence.

  2. This’ll be great–both what’s going on in the classroom and your blog about your experiences with it. I look forward to reading it and sharing it with others!

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