Opening Staff Meeting Activities

There is a good post on LeaderTalk that shares many terrific videos that school administrators can share with staff at their first faculty meeting before school starts.  I plan on using a few of these during my opening meeting on Monday, August 24.

Additionally, I have been looking for a fun activity to start the welcome back staff meeting.  I am looking for something that will engage teachers with each other, make people smile, and get the year started with a positive feeling.

I have posed this question to my Twitter followers and on the Ning network to which I belong, but I have not yet received any replies.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me and others who may read this?  Please share via comments.


4 thoughts on “Opening Staff Meeting Activities

  1. Dave,

    The most powerful beginning-of-school faculty for me was my very last one. Everyone took out a sheet of paper and wrote a letter—to themselves. The letter was written as if the year had already ended and it was recapping the accomplishments of the year.

    I passed out envelopes and asked each person to seal the envelope and put it in a place where they could find it when the year ended. the challenge was to be able to read that letter 9 months later and have it be congruent with what had actually transpired over the course of the year.

    It was a powerful exercise and one I would recommend to anyone.

  2. This summer I had my staff read High Five. There is a great video called the power of teamwork. You can find it on the simple truths website. At our opening meeting I talked about highly effective teams and what makes them so. I would go over some qualities and then show a video clip. For example, one of the “4 rules” in the book is having a clear purpose. I showed a clip of a NASCAR pitstop and talked about how each pit crew member knew exactly what to do. Since our theme was High Five we all gave high fives when the meeting started.

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