Our Odyssey in Our Odyssey – Part 5

We arrived in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware yesterday around 5:00 pm.  After some minor hotel issues (resolved to our satisfaction), we walked up and down the boardwalk.  This was my first time on a real eastern seaboard boardwalk.  It’s a fun place to hang out for a few days, and it is heaven on earth for kids.  The boardwalk is one mile long, and it is lined with the following:  Pizza restaurants, ice cream joints, popcorn stands, boardwalk French Fry stands, video game arcades, carnival rides, candy shops, salt water taffy stores, gelatto stands, beach stores, T-shirt shops, sundries, sub sandwich places, and hot dog, burger, & gyros stands.


Ooohh. Gyros!

We are staying here at the Atlantic Sands Hotel facing the ocean.

We are staying here at the Atlantic Sands Hotel facing the ocean.


After Gillian and I rode the bumper cars and went through the haunted house, we looked out over the ocean and saw an orange orb coming up from the horizon.  It was what I would call a “moonrise.”  I have never seen the moon actually appear to rise up out of a body of water like this, and it really was  a beautiful sight.

The moon over Delaware.

The moon over Delaware.

What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday we left a chaotic, energetic, bustling Manhattan, and today we laid around at the pool and the beach.  Life has slowed to a crawl.  Personally, I loved NYC and especially Manhattan, and I could have stayed for a few more days.  There is so much I did not get to see and do there.

Although I like the beach town atmosphere, I will be ready to leave Sunday morning.  I feel like we were learning, seeing, and doing  so much in New York, and now our brains have turned to mush, and I am eating so much junk.

Tomorrow will be more of the same – eating, lying around, eating, walking a little, lying around some more, and then eating some more.  I think I am going to explode.


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