Our Odyssey in Our Odyssey – Part 2

We arrived in NYC around 2:30 this afternoon.  I have to admit that as a Chicagoan, I have always thought that Chicago’s skyline is incredible, and it is.  But, as we approached the Lincoln Tunnel (on the New Jersey side) the skyline of NYC appeared in the distance.  It was quite a magnificent sight.  I think it was the size of the skyline that shocked us.  It seemed to stretch across the entire windshield of our car, with the Empire State Building punctuating the power of this city.  Then the realization that the WTC towers were gone hit us.

We are staying at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square.  To me, Times Square resembles a cross between the Las Vegas strip and the center of Tokyo.  The chaos, the frenzied people, the signs, and the lights are amazing.


Our first stop was the giant Toys R Us store.  Gillian especially liked this store, and she tried her hardest to get me to buy her a kid-version of a mo-ped.  Well, that’s not happening.  As we walked toward the ABC  studios building, Marni, in her typically understated way, softly said, “I could live here…”

ABC Studios on Broadway

ABC Studios on Broadway

We all thought the "New Year's Ball" was cool.  You would think we were never in a big city before.  We're like "Okies from Skokie."

We all thought the "New Year's Ball" was cool. You would think we were never in a big city before. We're like a bunch of "Okies from Skokie."

42nd Street.

One of the theaters on 42nd Street.


Another view of 42nd Street. We had dinner at Dave and Buster's. It was a good choice for the girls.

We arrived in NYC sooner than we expected which provided us with some extra time to walk around.  After a tiring two days of travel and walking around, we were pooped.  The day has ended with Sally, Marni, and Gillian watching The Bachelorette (what else is new?) and with me on the computer (what else is new?).

Tomorrow’s activities will hinge on the weather.  We are hoping to see Ground Zero, Ellis Island, The Statue of Liberty, and the Lower East Side Tenement Museum if it does not rain.


4 thoughts on “Our Odyssey in Our Odyssey – Part 2

  1. Hilarious! Entry 1 was great. I love the photo captions. You’d better be on your best behavior on this trip, and I’m sure that there will be some commentary on education in the 21st Century at some point before you return to Chicagoland, which is a good thing!

    Be safe. Have fun.

  2. Hi Dad! I’m so excited you are loving this trip! I absolutely am loving it too. Did you like driving n the car for so long? I didn’t it mind it at first but after a while I just waned to get here! I still can’t believe that’s it’s all ready the New York trip we have been waiting for! I just can’t believe that we are in New York! Everything is just so cool with all the lights and everything. There’s nothing like this in Buffalo Grove! I’m so glad we are all having a wonderful time!


  3. We went to NYC last summer and I had a fabulous time! Allow time to really look at all the stuff at Ellis Island. There’s so much to see.

    We also went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We got so see REAL Van Gogh’s! Brush strokes and everything. What an awesome experience!!!

    I look forward to reading more about your trip later in the week.

  4. Brenda,
    Ellis Island was awesome. My kids loved it! Not sure if we will make the Metropolitan, but we will try.

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