Soccer Dad

The President continues to fascinate me.  He spent part of Saturday out on the soccer fields cheering for his girls.  It’s the same thing I have been doing for the last ten years with my girls.  How cool would it me to be one of the parents on this team?

I don’t remember a past president as focused on family as this man.   I have never met the man, and chances are great that I never will.  We come from very different backgrounds, cultures, and religions.   And, he has a job that I can’t possibly fathom.

Yet, I feel some kind of connection to the man.  Maybe it’s because we are the same age (give or take a year or two).  Or maybe it is because we are both raising two daughters.  Could it be that he is a Chicagoan?  We are both big Chicago White Sox fans in a city where the other baseball team (the team that shall not be named) gets all the headlines.

Whatever it is, I am glad that Barack Obama is the President of the United States.  I am a natural born cynic who typically believes that politicians are self-serving, pompous, ego-maniacs.  Of course I am.  I live in Illinois the home of ex-governor Rod Blagojevich (enough said) and his predecessor, the incarcerated George Ryan.  And, I am from Chicago, a city known for crooked politicians.  However, I really do believe in this man.  I believe that he has the morals, ethics, and inner strength to lead us out of difficult times.  I believe he has what it takes to unite the USA and the free world.

Barack Obama appears to understand the importance of global awareness which is one of the main concepts underlying the 21st century skills we should be teaching in schools.  He is the best man for the job, and I sure hope he doesn’t disappoint me.

Check out the slideshow of Obama.  The pictures are incredible, and they provide some great insight into his daily life and work.

Obama Slideshow

Additionally, on Flickr you will find the Official White House Photostream.  The pictures there have captions to explain what you are seeing.  This is historic. Because of Web 2.0 tools like Flickr, we are provided with insights into the presidency that we have never had before.


One thought on “Soccer Dad

  1. I like the idea that the President has a photostream. Admittedly, it’s not his photographs — it’s his photographers’ photographs — but I like the idea that the president thinks about visuals, and about the nature of visual thinking. My friend Dave Gray of XPLANE, would be pleased, I think. ( and )

    I hope you’re right about having the ethical and moral strength to lead us out of the quagmire. But I’m loving the idea that the soccer team may be invited over to a sleepover in the Lincoln bedroom… just think how THAT would change the nature of the White House day.

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