The Economy and Our Children

The talk of our worsening economy is all over the place.  With the media playing such an important role in our lives, keeping the depressing news away from our children is next to impossible.  So, we need to be prepared to answer the hard questions they may ask.  This discussion can be difficult, especially when so many people are unsure about their jobs, their homes, and their financial stability.

Regardless of your own personal situation, imagine being a child who is bombarded with stories of people being laid off, losing their homes, and not having enough money to buy food, clothing, and medicine.

To assist parents in answering these difficult questions, the American Academy of Pediatrics has created a page on their website titled Financial Crisis: Talking to Kids About the Economy.  According to the AAP,

Raising a family and taking care of children is challenging when there are tough economic conditions. Talking to children about the economy can help them develop strategies for coping with the current financial situation and everyday life. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers suggestions for parents and others who care for children.

The Tips for Parents and Other Caregivers document is an excellent resource for all of us.  Additionally, the AAP site provides many other resources for parents.  Check out their Parenting Corner, as well as other areas of the website.  I hope you will find this site useful.


One thought on “The Economy and Our Children

  1. I think this is a great resource. I also believe we need to have conversations about the economy. Children sometimes have the impression that they can have anything they want and parents work really hard to live up to this falsehood. There is a lot to learn from sacrifice and making tough choices. This is a great opportunity to address some problems with our society.

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