White Sox Fan Moves Into the White House!

It has finally hit home with me that Barack Obama really is going to be the 44th President of the United States.   Of course we all have been aware of this since the November election.  But for me, George Bush has still been President.  I, for one, am so glad to see Bush leave the White House (no need to go into details – his record speaks for itself).  Dubbya, don’t let the door hit ya’ on the way out.

Tonight, I am unbelievably excited about the future.  It really is happening.  Obama will be sworn in tomorrow morning, and it will signal a new era in American history.  For me, this is the first President I can truly relate to.  These guys have always been old in my mind until now.  Barack Obama and I are the same age.  Wow.  It is hard to imagine that I am “a peer” of the President.  He and I have grown up on the same exact time line.  We were in elementary, middle, and high school during the same years.  We were in college together, too.  Well, he was at Harvard, and I was at Northern Illinois University, but you get the idea!

I am so very positive about this man’s character and beliefs.  I think he has the respect of the entire world.  I believe that great things are about to happen when Mr. Obama steps into the Oval Office.  Sure, it will be hard, and the country (and the world) are not in great shape right now.  Yet, I have such great hope for the future because of our new President.

And the icing on the Presidential cake is that he is a Chicago White Sox Fan!  How cool is that?


2 thoughts on “White Sox Fan Moves Into the White House!

  1. Hi Dave! Your blog is always inspiring and fascinating to me. Usually I agree with you, and I do this time, mostly. I too, am excited for our nation’s future. I too feel a connection to Barack Obama that I have never felt before (except maybe Jimmy Carter who’s like my grandpa). But, such an intelligent, strong and brave role model has one serious flaw. He obviously moved to Chicago and ventured no further than his limited south side neighborhood. He really has all of the character traits of a Cubs fan – eternally optimistic, steeped in tradition while being open to the future.

    So, while I find this so hard to reconcile, I am a huge fan.

    We all miss you. It’s hard to believe it’s been four years. Good for you!


  2. Hey Sandy!
    I was thrilled that you took the time to read the blog and write a comment. I really appreciate it. It must hurt to see our newest hero and role model wearing the black and white hat. (Good guys wear black, remember?)

    But, I have seen one politician wearing a blue and red hat recently. Now who was that? Oh yeah, it was Blago!!

    I hope you keep visiting my new blog, and please say hello to all of my old friends at Jackson.

    Take care,

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