Winter Vacation and My New Addiction

I had a terrific winter vacation, and the Shermans were quite busy with high quality wholesome family activities.   We visited my sister’s family in beautiful South Bend, Indiana.  We went to a few movies (this one and this one), we went bowling twice, we took the train to Chicago’s Magnificent Mile to shop and eat, and we went miniature golfing indoors under a black light (it reminded me of my college dorm room).  Did I mention that it was all very wholesome?  We even carved out some family together time at home by watching some TV.  And that is when my problem started.

You see my kids introduced me to a ridiculously obnoxious, inappropriate, and mean-spirited television show called “Family Guy.”  This show is horrible, and it’s hysterical.  The first time I watched this farcical show, I sat, mouth agape, staring at the nasty, foolish characters – an obese, dim-witted father, his goofy kleptomaniac wife, an even dimmer-witted teenage son, a genius one year old boy with a football-shaped head, and of course, the talking scholarly canine.  What garbage.  I can’t stop watching.

Help.  I think I am addicted to a cartoon.  How embarrassing for an elementary school principal to watch such drivel.  Unacceptable behavior for a person with the responsibility to mold young minds.  I have started recording it on the DVR.

My strong advice to anyone reading this is DO NOT START WATCHING “FAMILY GUY!”  This show is not healthy for your positive outlook on life.  Pray that this is not how most American families behave.  The following video is a sample of how annoying these characters can be (it’s also a good example of life at the Sherman house.).

I think I need an intervention.


One thought on “Winter Vacation and My New Addiction

  1. Hi, Dave!

    I was doing a training yesterday and had 2 participants that knew you. Hope you are doing well!


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