Hello World!

Welcome to the new Principal and Interest blog!  I have officially moved from the old site to this new site.  I hope you will visit often.

– Dave


9 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. I like the new site. I am hoping to re-start my blogging and have created a professional one for general ed. topics and one for my school community.

  2. Seth,
    I did create the banner. Those are my daughters on the beach in South Haven, Michigan at sunset. It is one of my favorite pictures of them. There is something so sweet and innocent about them watching the waves lapping onto the shore and the sun dropping into the lake.

    WordPress made it pretty easy to crop my own picture for the banner.


  3. Hi Mr. Sherman:
    I love your blog! You have inspired me to do the same thing…stay tuned for my site. Love it!

  4. Alice, I think the time has come for you to start the blog, and I am glad to read that it is on the way. Be sure to send me the link to your new blog when it is ready.

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